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Sunday, 29 July 2007

The Curse

Maddie James/The Curse/Resplendence Publishing/Ebook/272pgs

When Claire Winslow sought solitude on the outer banks off the Barrier Islands off the Carolina Close, she was trying to find a place where she could shrug off her unhappiness. She little dreamed that she would be swept into another time and place, caught up the story of Blackbeard the infamous pirate.

In another time, another century, Jack Porter is grieving for his lost wife Hannah who died after being raped and used by Blackbeard and his crew. When through the magic of ‘the stone’, Jack comes to claim Hannah Claire and take her back with him they are forced to play out something that has been ordained for them centuries before. Claire must solve the legend of the chalice of Blackbeard and risk losing that which she most loves before she can find happiness.

This is an intriguing and magical book that makes it possible to believe the power of love can overcome a curse and the centuries to bring the lovers back together again. Beautifully written, sensual and emotional, this is a compelling read. Five red roses, Anne

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