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Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Relentless Desire

Bonnie Clarke/Relentless Desire/Whiskey Creek Press/ebook/150pgs

Brenna is escaping from a man she fears but his bullyboys are bent on taking her back. When she resists they try to rape her. Brenna kills one herself but there are too many for her until Jake turns up and sends them scurrying for cover. Brenna is scared but grateful to her savior, as she calls him.

Jake is falling in love with the wild tomboy with the beautiful black hair and soon discovers that she is as wild in bed as she is in other ways. However, the man who has claims on her and needs her fortune is hot in pursuit. Can Jake keep her safe and will they find what Brenna is searching for? Jake is a man who believes he doesn’t know how to love but perhaps his black haired witch can show him the way to the happiness he has never truly known.

This is a highly sensual, compelling love story. Erotic yes, but written in such a beautiful strong style that it makes you believe in the story and the characters. Bonnie Clarke is an excellent, talented writer. I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Five red roses. Morna

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Bonnie Clarke said...

Wow! Thank you so much, Morna. Glad you enjoyed my first book. :)