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Saturday, 14 July 2007

City Life

City Life/Dominique Le Selles/Contemporary/BDSM/DarkEdenPress/2007

City Life:

A high flying , beautiful and successful business woman Kristina is looking for something alot more wild to spice up her life. Being a stockbroker for the company called Wilkinson’s of London has brought her close to a million. Feeling the need to give herself a gift: Au pair called Stephanie. An new object of her fantasies. Now that she's got a taste of her rising desires. She wants alot more. Exploring a dark sensuality beyond her dreams. As her love grows for both Stephanie, James and the dark erotica that over comes her.

This story is much for those open minded about Erotica. Whether it's new to a reader or an old passion. It won't disappoint and well worth a try. It's vivid and alive with sensuality, fantasies and a whole lot more. Dominique Le Selles has done a great Erotica on City Life, that's contemporary, edgy, and wild. If your looking for a great Erotic story. Then City Life is something you would want to read! Five Red Roses. MP.

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