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Friday, 13 July 2007

Bayou Summons

Missy Sue Hanson/Bayou Summons/ Dark Eden Press/ ebook/144 pgs

When Summer first sees Cayden sitting on the bench he thinks of as his own, she believes he is arrogant and wants nothing to do with him. She has come to Harvest, a small town in Louisiana, to research magic for her books. Wherever she turns, even in the small hours, Cayden seems to be there. He annoys her and yet she is drawn to him in a way she cannot explain. When he uses his magical powers to seduce her, she cannot resist him. However, there is another being who wants her. Alsandair, a demon of the underworld needs the power Summer hardly knows she has. Until now, she has thought of her gift as a curse, perhaps the prelude to madness. It is only with Cayden’s help that Summer can begin to understand herself, and to defeat the demon who is determined to enslave her in the underworld.

Warlocks, necromancers, witches and the King of the underworld are just some of the fantastic beings that Missy Sue Hanson brings to life in her exciting, sensual book. I was fascinated by the imagination behind this story, swept up in the excitement of the age-old struggle between good and evil. Throughout it all, the love element is strong and that is what gives this book its charm. I give this book five red roses and look forward to the next from this author, Anne.
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Missy Sue said...

Thank you! WhoooHoooo! I'm so glad you liked it!