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Monday, 7 January 2008

Virgin Slave, Barbarian King

Louise Allen/Virgin Slave, Barbarian King/ Harlequin Historical/ ISBN9780373294770/299pages/paperback

Julia Livia is a Roman patrician but that does not save her from the violence when the Visgoths attack the city. Trying to reach safety she is attacked by rogues and saved from a terrible fate by a rather large and handsome barbarian. Julia is grateful for his help but her gratitude turns to anger when she discovers that far from letting her go on to her father, he is determined to make her his slave. Taken to his camp, she is furious when expected to do chores that she thinks beneath her – but faced with the choice of either cooking or starving, Julia begins to see that she must learn to adapt to her new life. However, she will never learn to like the life or to love Wulfric - will she?

This exciting book from a much-loved Regency author paints a vivid scene, bringing the fear and bewilderment of a patrician Roman lady as she is enslaved to life. Julia's struggles are believable and hold us breathless as we watch her story unfold against a background of drama and war. This is not just another romance but a living, breathing story that I for one could not put down. I give this book a well deserved five red roses, Anne Herries

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