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Sunday, 20 January 2008

The Seekers:Into the Light

The Seekers:Into the Light
Sommer Marsden
Eternal Press
Ebook/42 pages

Martee Hollywood - her father wanted a boy, hence the name - is a psychic medium. She works for the seekers, a paranormal research team. Martee is part of a friendly group. They work together to help people who believe they are bing haunted, and at the moment they are concentrating on a house with many ghosts. The trouble is, Martee also picks up on feelings of the other team members, which can be awkward when one of them is lusting after another! This special sense she has comes forcefully into play when they meet up with a houseful of sexy ghosts! However, Martee has a wrong to right and until she has settled the past she cannot truly move forward

This is a short but intense book. It is also very sexy and funny. I liked the author's style and hope that this is just the first of many similar books, Five red roses. AI

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