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Sunday, 20 January 2008

The Diary of A Vampire

The Diary Of A Vampire
Maggie Berkley/Red Rose Publishing
Ebook/51 pages

Prince Samsu's youngest wife tells the story of how she became a Vampire centuries earlier. Condemned to death for murders she did not commit, the princess is offered the Dark Gift by an Egyptian magician.

Told in the first person, this is a compelling read. I would have liked it to be much longer with more leading up to when she became a Vamp. I would also like to have seen more of her development into the rational creature she became as the centuries went on. I feel that this could have been an outstanding Vampire book had it been developed. However, even at this length it does haunt you. I am not sure if it is part of a series, but if it is just a one off, I would hope that the author gets busy and writes us a really meaty Vampire story as this had huge promise. I give this book 4 red roses. Morna

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