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Thursday, 10 January 2008

Lady Lisa's Luck


ISBN 978-0-7090-8295-8

This Regency romance is something different it lets us into the world of a very rich and successful young woman, Lady Elizabeth Rushlake who was introduced to the world of commerce by her father. So much did this world interest her that she began to deal in the city after her father’s death, very successfully. Some matrons in polite society tut tutted at the mention of a lady delving into a man’s world, but all of the ton recognised her. Lucky Lady Lisa as she was dubbed, was without doubt a very resourceful, beautiful and clever young woman of impeccable lineage.
Her heart had been broken by Chad Lockridge at the tender age of 18, when he was rumoured to have stolen an heir loom belonging to his family, the piece was known as the Queens pendant and had been in the Lockridge family for generations.
Although Lisa had never believed Chad had stolen the pendant, after a silly quarrel she gave him the impression that she too had doubts about him. The next thing Lisa heard was that Chad had left the country without seeing her again. That had been several years ago and although she had many admirers her heart was not awakened, it still belonged to Chad.
Living in the very fashionable Berkley Square Lisa had acquired the freehold of the neighbouring house. She was astonished to be met by the news that she had new Tenants in her house. Her younger sister was very amused and was watching a magnificent Indian directing the removable of furniture into the house from a removers cart. Lisa was puzzled that having just left Thomas, her man of business in the city he had not mentioned the fact that he had let the house.
Looking out of the window Lisa’s heart almost stopped as Chad Lockridge emerged from the house.
What will happen now that Chad is back in England, will the old rumours be forgotten, will he be accepted back into society and will he break her heart again??
Read this lovely romance with all of its twists and find the answers I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have. I award this really lovely book with 5 Roses.

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