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Sunday, 20 January 2008

Prince of The Three Mountains

Prince of the Three Mountains/Ellie Tremayne/Total-e-bound books/ ebook/236 pages

Aeron, daughter of Mervyn, Prince of the Three Mountains, has returned home after the death of her brother prince Bryn. It seems she is expected to marry Alun Dylan so that he can protect the kingdom when her father dies, but Aeron dislikes him. However, a warrior has come to challenge for her hand, a man who makes her shiver with a mixture of fear and desire. His name is Rhys ap Idris, son of Idris the Fearless. Yet Alun and Rhys hate each other and their hatred causes tension.

Now the king is dead, murdered, and Idris accused, by Aeron, who believes that she saw him run from the scene. Idris and one son are killed in the chaos of the aftermath, but Rhys escapes with hatred in his heart. Fate turns full circle and Aeron is captured by pirates, sold in the marketplace as a slave. Now Rhys is her master. Still bitter at what he feels was her betrayal, will he treat her cruelly or can they ever recover the sweetness of love?

This is a passionate, compelling, sensual love story, an epic that carries you to the end, full of excitement and tension. This author is a master storyteller and her books are highly recommended. This one is awarded five red roses, Linda Sole.

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