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Thursday, 17 January 2008

Daddy Loves Belinda

Daddy Loves Belinda by Anne Sole/Dark Eden Press/ebook/190pages

Helping her sister hide from the press Georgie tells April about a cottage she will be staying in while doing an interview for an article in Georgie’s newspaper. Georgie suggests April go down before her and stay there so no one can find her. Things go horribly wrong. Georgie has just received the most devastating news of her life. Her sister, April, who is also her best-friend and April’s new husband have been murdered and no one is sure why.

Georgie uses her job as an investigative journalist to find out what really happened to April. Was it April’s new husband’s enemies that brought about their death? Or was it a stalker from April’s past? Or was she murdered because she was mistaken for Georgie?

Georgie leans on her boss and other best friend Steve to get through this difficult time. But she also meets her sister’s brother-in-law, Fernando, and the sparks fly. Georgie doesn’t know if she can really trust Fernando. She needs to find out if he knows more than he is telling her about the deaths.

Things start to heat up even more as more people around Georgie start dying and no one is sure if they are accidents or if someone is hiding something and people are getting to close to the truth.

Trying to find out what really happened just might get Georgie killed if she isn’t careful.

As Georgie gets closer to the truth strange things start happening around her. Her lines of communication to the world are slowly being cut off. Georgie needs to get to the truth quickly if she hopes to survive what is happening.

This is a great book. It takes you on more twists and turns as you try to find out just what is going on and why things are happening. If you like mysteries and thrillers this is one book to read.

I give this one 5 red roses.

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