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Friday, 18 January 2008

Behind Blue eyes

Behind Blue Eyes/Pat Cromwell/Amira Press/Ebook/115 pages

Seine felt that she could drown in his eyes they were so blue, like the ocean. Michael was all that she could ever want or desire in a man. She had loved him since she was a girl, but in her father's eyes he wasn't near good enough. Lawrence Simmons had plans for his daughter.

Michael needed the job at Lawrence's publishing company so that he could leave his past behind, but Seine has begun to haunt his mind and his body. When Lawrence forces him to choose, Michael goes his own way, vowing to take everything Lawrence cares for one day. Bitterness and hatred may bring both Seine and Michael close to destruction. Can this love/hate relationship ever end in happiness?

This is a well constructed, emotional story, which kept me glued to the page. I enjoyed this talented author's work and give it 4.5 red roses. Morna.

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