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Sunday, 20 January 2008

The Singular Miss Carrington

The Singular Miss Carrington/ Barbara Hazard/Robert Hale/ hardback £18.99/ ISBN 9780709084600

Claire is determined never to marry. She has been brought up to believe that she is the equal of any man, and she will not curtsey to anyone. Her views are so outrageous in Regency society that she is forever offending people with her free manners and open talk. She would offend even more if they knew that she prefers to spend her time painting - and not the sweet landscapes that other talented young ladies enjoy. Claire is willing to paint naked women, and perhaps men too. It is as well that she does not wish to marry for who would want a fast young woman as his bride?

Andrew Tyson, Marquess of Blagdon, is intrigued by Claire, though shocked by her manners and lack of interest in her appearance. She suits his purpose very well, which is to rid himself of match making mamas and their silly daughters. However, he finds himself drawn to the rebellious young woman more than he had ever expected - but of course such a match would never suit his family. Are they doomed to part or is there a happy ending to this fascinating tale? The ending has a rather nice gesture from the heroine that makes the story special!

This is a beautifully plotted and crafted Regency tale. The heroine is unusual and spunky, though perhaps she needs to learn some of the lessons the hero means to teach her. This is the kind of book you simply want to read right through to the last page! This author is a talented addition to the Hale stable of excellent Regency authors. I give this book five red roses, Linda Sole

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