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Saturday, 19 January 2008

The Shadowed Heart

Anne Whitfield/The Shadowed Heart/Enspiren Press/349 pages

The story begins in Yorkshire in 1864. Anna Claire Thornton loves her house and the beautiful valley in which she lives. This is her home and it gives her a sense of pride to know that she belongs here. However, when Anna meets the handsome, reckless Matt Cowan at a ball, a series of events begin that will lead to much pain and shame for Anna. She believes that she can never be happy again when she leaves her home, but it is only when she has travelled to a new country and learned a new way of life that she will find her true happiness for herself and her child. This is an epic story with many twists and turns and heart wringing scenes.

Anne Whitfield has written another beautiful, tender love story. Her descriptions and her story telling are superb. This writer and this book deserve a bouquet of red roses! Linda Sole

The book is not yet published but will be out later this year


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Anne Whitfield - author said...

Thanks so much for your time in reading my book.
Also thank for the great review.

Take care,