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Thursday, 24 January 2008

Time To Move On

Time to Move On by Grace Thompson

Robert Hale Publishers

December 2007



4 red roses

Time to Move On is an absorbing heartwarming saga set in 1950s Wales!

Seranne Laurence loves nothing more than working alongside at her mother at her Victorian style tea room. She might no be able to socialize much, but nothing gives her more satisfaction than serving her customers and helping her mother. But Seranne’s idyll looks like it’s coming to an end, when her mother announces that she’s marrying the much younger Paul. Seranne does not want to play gooseberry to her mother and her new husband, so she heads off to the neighbouring village of Cwm Derm for a fresh start.

Luckily for Seranne, she finds a job working in a cafĂ©, and lodging at the gorgeous cottage, Badger’s Brook, but the nagging feeling that something is wrong with her mother never quite goes away. Her mother, once such a hard working and dependable woman, has now let her standards slip and wants nothing more to do with the Tea Rooms, and Seranne wouldn’t trust Paul as far as she could throw him.

Luckily for Seranne, the handsome and enigmatic stranger Luke promises to get to the bottom of this – especially as that means being closer to Seranne, with whom he’s fallen in love with.

Seranne reciprocates his feelings, but she knows that a future with him is out of the question, for Luke is married already.

Time to Move On is a wonderful romantic saga perfect for readers who enjoy curling up with a warm hearted tale featuring lovely characters in realistic situations. Sparkling with warmth, wit and charm, Time to Move On is a must-read for readers who enjoy good reading! JB

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