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Sunday, 30 December 2007

An Honourable Rogue

Carol Townend/ An Honourable Rogue/ Harlequin Historical/ 13-978-0-373-30538-4/ paperback /Wessex Weddings

Rozenn is a widow and as such she has her own home and freedom, but she is ambitious. When the countess tries to insist that she return to live under her care at the castle, Rose, as she was born, makes up her mind to travel to England and marry a knight. Her brother has sent word and she is keen for the match, despite something in her heart that draws her to the minstrel Ben. Ben is a careless, charming rogue and Rose is determined to resist him, even though as they journey to England she becomes more and more attracted to him. She begins to suspect that Ben is more than he seems, but what is he hiding from her? What will happen when Rose finally realises that Sir Richard never asked for her?

This is a charming medieval romp and thoroughly enjoyable. The taste and flavour of the period is there to help the story become absorbing, and the characters are likeable. I enjoyed this book and give it 4.5 red roses. Anne

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