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Friday, 14 March 2008

The Wise Woman's Tale

Phillipa Bowers/The Wise Woman's Tale/Piatkus Books/ISBN 978-0-7499-3839-0 £6.99

Kate Barnes is fourteen when she first realises that she has the sight. Her grandmother wants to teach her so many things but her father forces her to return to London at the end ofWW1. At first reluctant, Kate falls in love, both with her job and her employer's son. When tragedy strikes and she is forced to return to her grandmother's home, Kate is reluctant. However, this is where she belongs and, as she gets caught up in the inevitable consequences of her grandmother's work, she once again finds love only to lose it once more. Is a happy ending possible for someone like Kate, who must following her grandmother's footsteps as the local wise woman?

This story goes back and forth into the distant past and the present (Just after WW1). As the story unfolds the story of an earlier wise woman (or witch) is revealed and the reader becomes more and more immersed in the story. This is an excellent, compelling read. If you can you should get this book! Five red roses, Linda sole

Philip's new book is called The Secrets of The Cave and will be reviewed here soon

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