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Monday, 17 March 2008

Dark Spirit

Dark Spirit/Rita Karnopp/Eternal Press/Ebook/153 pages

Skyler distrusts most people and when she bumps into a Native American who understands the ancient message cards she has been getting she naturally thinks something smells. However, In’is’kim has also been receiving the same cards, and though his grandfather taught him to read them, he does not at first understand what is happening. What he does know is that women are being killed in a particularly sinister way wherever he goes to lecture on his people.

In’is’kim does not blame Skyler for not trusting him, because he is afraid that he may have a split personality and has been doing the murders without realising it. In’is’kim is on the right track though the truth is more obscure and will take a flirtation with death for Skyler, her sister and In’is’kim before they discover the secret of the dark shadow that has been haunting him for so long.

This is a tense, exciting mystery and a compelling love story as a woman learns to trust and reject what seems obvious. Only by that trust can she save the life of the man she loves and find happiness for them both. Karnopp is a talented writer who mixes the mystery and legend of the past with modern thinking and produces an enthralling story.
Five red roses. Linda Sole

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