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Friday, 7 March 2008

Steamed Desire

Steamed Desire by Fleur de Lis
Red Rose Publishing/ ebook/41 pages

Callie’s coffee just got a great deal hotter. Her favorite place, Java Jitters, to get her coffee has a new employee, Cole. For the last eight months they have been eyeing each other never sure if the other one is interested.

Cole isn’t quite who he has lead everyone to believe he is. Cole actually owns Java Jitters. He is there to find out who has been stealing from him. Cole is used to women that are interested in him for his money and what he has and not for who he is.

Callie goes to get coffee several times during the day and each time she looks for Cole. She hasn’t enjoyed coffee as much as she has been lately.

Cole finally decides to take a chance and ask Callie out to see if there can be more between them. After Callie’s boss encouraged her to go after what she wants. Now Callie has to decide if she has what is necessary to go after Cole. With Cole showing an interest, she says yes to him when he asks her out.

Now it’s not just the coffee that is hot.

This is a great short story. You really identify with the characters. This is one that is worth reading. Cole and Callie were a lot of fun to read about.

I give this one 4 -1/2 red roses

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