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Saturday, 8 March 2008

Dance Of The Cedar Cat

Dance Of the Cedar Cat/Jane Toombs/Eternal Press/Ebook/37 pages

Susie lives alone in an isolated cottage that belonged to her grandmother. Her grandmother's Siamese cat still has all the male cats courting her, even though she has been neutered, but Susie does not have even one suitor. She is a pretty girl so it can't be the reason she is alone. Perhaps the men fear her as they did a foster daughter of Louhi of ancient times. So Susie is alone with the strange dreams that haunt her – until she meets Volan! But what significance does a tiny cedar cat have, and what will happen if Susie neglects her grandmother's ritual? You must read this book to find out!

This is a rather unusual and beautiful story about shapeshifters and the lore of ancient times in Finland. I enjoyed it and give it four red roses. Morna

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