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Saturday, 22 March 2008

The Price of A Sword

The Price of a Sword by Ellie Tremayne/ebook
Total ebound

North Cornwall, 1156

Rosawyn has been kidnapped by her brother-in-law, Sir Hugh de Noirville. It is a time of political upheaval and she is just the latest victim. She knows that if she can just hold out her father, the Earl of Liskard, will find her and rescue her. Unfortunately the earl is very sick and turns to the king for help in finding and rescuing his daughter.

Sir Philip d’Apremont has a reputation as being a very hard and dangerous man. In polite society he is know to be an illegitimate son of a nobleman. He is also a close friend and political ally of the king’s. Philip knows that if he is going to get anything in this world he is going to have work hard to earn it. He now has a chance to become an Earl. But to do this he is going to have to pay a price. Will the price be two high to pay?

Rosawyn knows her brother-in-law, Hugh, cannot afford to harm her since if her sister dies in childbirth she will be the only way he can claim her father’s land. Rosawyn knows that as long as her sister is pregnant she is safe. Hugh tries to hide Rosawyn from everyone by putting her in the convent where his sister is Mother Superior. This way he has control of Rosawyn and she can not be easily found.

Rosawyn is running out of time. Will she be rescued?

Philip finds Rosawyn and is able to rescue her. He marries her on the spot to keep her safe. Now the real battle will begin. Philip is going to have to find Hugh and crush his treasonous rebellion against the king. To get the lands Philip wants he will have to secure them and thereby bringing the area into the kingdom and protecting them for his friend the king.

Philip and Rosawyn are both stubborn and feel they are right. Learning to listen to each other so that they can bring the people of the land together is not going to be easy. They also need to come to a truce between themselves so they can fight against Hugh. Rosawyn knows the people and has their loyalty. Philip has the ability and knowledge to fight. They bring their abilities together so that they can overcome the common enemy.

Neither expected to fall in love with each other. Now as the battle rages they fear for each other. They are hoping for peace so that they have a chance at happiness.

This book brings the time period vividly to life and draws you back in time. Rosawyn is courageous and a great character. Philip has overcome his past. Together they make for a wonderful story.

I give this one 4-1/2 red roses.

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