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Thursday, 20 March 2008

Sun Of silver Moon Of Gold

Maureen Peters/Sun of Silver Moon of Gold/Robert Hale ltd. ISBN 978-0-7090-8444-0 £18.99 / 332 pages

Miss Flora Scott is invited to join her uncle in America. Her family have despaired of finding her a husband and push her into making the decision. When Flora arrives she is welcomed by her uncle, but her sympathies are soon with the Indian population. They are a settled and peaceable people but are being forced to leave their homes for a reservation.

Flora makes a friend of Tessa Fontaine, a young woman who was stolen by Indians as a young girl and then married one of her own choosing. This friendship is frowned upon by the other ladies because Tessa us shunned, but Flora is determined to help Tessa become reunited with her husband if she can.

Will her growing friendship with Brent, her uncle's overseer lead to happiness or more disgrace?

This is an unusual book but the story is interesting and holds the reader. I found it enjoyable. 4.5 red roses Morna.

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