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Thursday, 20 March 2008

The Penny Bangle

ISBN 978-07090-8388-7
224 pages

Cassie Taylor leaves a munitions factory in Brimingham to become a Land Army girl. At first she finds the work intolerably hard and is not sure she made the right decision or that she likes Dorset. Although her employer's sons, home from the war, are friendly the other Land Army girl is not. Cassie discovers that Frances is jealous because she cares for Stephen, but Cassie is drawn to his brother Robert, who has not been as friendly as Stephen.

Later, both Frances and Cassie join the ATS. Robert asks Cassie to marry him and she accepts but in wartime love can never be easy. Robert is reported missing and Cassie is tempted by another relationship. Can she resist and will Robert return?

This is a warm, very enjoyable story about the trials and tribulations of lovers caught up in a terrible war. If you like stories about families and war you will love this one. MB 4.5 red roses.

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