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Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Dangerous Mr Ryder

Dangerous Mr Ryder by Louise Allen

Mills and Boon Historical Romance

March 2008



The Dangerous Mr Ryder is the first in a series of enthralling Regency romances about the Ravenhurst family by a historical novelist who never disappoints: Louise Allen!

When King’s Messenger Jack Ryder was assigned the task of escorting the Grand Duchess of Maubourg to England to get her away from Napoleon’s reign of terror and to get her close to her beloved son, he thought himself more than capable of doing the job. However, what Jack wasn’t prepared for was the rush of intense desire which consumed him when he clapped eyes on his haughty charge.

Eva may be a prim and proper aristocrat, but she is the most beautiful woman Jack has ever seen! Try as he might, he can’t seem to be able to get her out of his mind and even though he knows that he shouldn’t even contemplate having a relationship with her, he finds himself unable to stop himself from stealing passionate kisses and from wanting to make love to her all night long!

Falling in love with Jack Ryder was certainly not on the cards for Eva, but one kiss was all it took for her to fall for him – even though she knows that a future with him would be out of the question.

Is Eva about to lose the one man who could make her happy? And what about Jack? Will he ever tell Eva the truth about his past?

The inimitable Louise Allen has writen a spellbinding historical romance that I just couldn’t put down! The Dangerous Mr Ryder is an enjoyable historical romance that is stirring, poignant, moving, witty, tender and absolutely unmissable!
five red roses. JB

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