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Thursday, 25 October 2007

Taken by The Viking

Michelle Styles/Taken By the Viking/Harlequin Mills & Boon/ISBN 978-0-263-85200-4/paperback/292 pages

When the Vikings land on Lindisfarne in 793 they speak of trading but their claim for payment is not believed. A hot- head attacks them and this leads to terrible slaughter. Annis, niece of the Abbot is at the mercy of a fierce warrior when another Viking comes to her aid. He is then suddenly at the mercy of a man who should be a comrade. Through a lucky chance, Annis kills the beast man. She little understands what she has done or what fate has in store for her, because in Viking law a debt must be paid.

This is an exciting tale of adventure and love. Beautifully researched and written as always by this excellent author. I believe that this story is even better than her tales of Roman life. Five red roses, Anne

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