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Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Dangerous To Know

Dangerous to Know by Anne Sole/Dark Eden Press/Sensual/August 2007/ $5.50

Talented storyteller Anne Sole blends chills, thrills, romance and heart pounding action in her gripping romantic suspense, Dangerous to Know.

English model Karin Blake is in America trying to find some clues to the whereabouts of her twin sister, Angela, who has gone missing. With the police seeming indifferent to her plea, Karin decides to ask the best detective in town for help Mike Wendell.

Mike may have bigger fish to fry then Karin’s sister, but one glance at the beautiful English girl and he finds himself unable to say no to her. As the two grow closer, they find themselves embroiled in a dangerous web of illicit secrets, wicked deceptions and vengeful enemies keen to silence them.

But the biggest danger of all is the fact that they find themselves drawn to one another. Karin and Mike may come from different worlds, but they find the attraction which sizzles between them absolutely impossible to resist…

Under her new guise as Anne Sole, international best-selling author and reader favourite Anne Herries/Linda Sole once again dazzles her readers with this captivating tale of romantic suspense which held me in thrall from the first page till the last.

Wonderful character, breathless suspense and potent romance are this talented storyteller’s hallmarks and in Dangerous to Know, Anne Sole amply demonstrates that when it comes to spinning yarns, she is truly one of the best! JB

I award five roses.

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