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Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Male Cage

Male Cage by Dee Shore/Red Rose Publishing/ebook

Austin has been waiting for the moment she walks down the isle her whole life. Just when she thinks the day can’t be more perfect she finds out that her fiancĂ© has left her.

Austin decides to take this as a wake up call that she needs to change her life and the direction she is moving in.

The perfect place to get a new start is in paradise or at least as close as paradise as possible in Hawaii. Once in Hawaii she decides to use the skills that she hasn’t used in years and get a job as a bartender. What better place to start over as a bartender and mend a broken heart than at a male strip club.

Austin gets the job and meets Damian. And the fun starts happening. Damian is happy with the way his life is going until he meets Austin and realizes that maybe he has been missing something in his life all along.

This book is short and definitely worth reading. It is full of ups and downs as we watch Austin rebuild her life. There a lot of laughs and is very fun. This one is a keeper.

I give this one 5 red roses. LW

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