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Wednesday, 17 October 2007

On Death's Wings

Fallen Angels: On Death Wings by AuburnimpDark Eden Press/Ebook

Just when Daniel O’Conner thinks his life is over, along comes Samael. Samael rescues Daniel from a brutal and painful death. Unsure why he has saved Daniel Samael takes him home with him.

Finally able to have a roof over his head and food in his stomach after living on the streets, Daniel gets curious about the man that has rescued him. With permission to explore Daniel does just that and discovers a study filled with books. Doing some research he finds some startling facts about Samael’s name and wonders just what he has gotten himself into. Has he been saved or has he been sentenced to a life that is beyond what he can deal with. Is Samael the Grim Reaper or is his name a coincidence?

This is a good book. I loved the paranormal aspects. It is different than most paranormal that drew you into the story. It is a short story that is a quick read and worth the time.

I give this one 4 1-2 red roses.

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