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Sunday, 23 September 2007

A Perfect Family

A Perfect Family by Penny Jordan
Publisher: M & B

As Olivia Crighton travels to her family home with the love of her life, Casper, little does she realise how that weekend celebrating her father’s 50th birthday is going to change her world. Her Aunt Jenny’s safe and predicable life is also going to be left in turmoil after the events of the weekend. Meanwhile, Olivia’s cousin, Max, is forced to hatch a devious plot in order to satisfy the wishes of his Grandfather and her glamorous mother, Tiggy, is discovered to have a disturbing illness.

This book centres on the numerous members of the Crighton family, all of whom are connected with the legal world and lead seemingly upstanding and successful lives. As they all gather to celebrate the 50th birthdays of twins David and Jon, tragedy occurs, leading to a series of dark secrets being revealed. Will the Crighton family be torn apart by revelations of embezzlement and secret passions, or will family bonds find solutions to their problems to ensure their survival and also standing in the community is maintained? Read this story full of love, lust and intrigue to find out!

I award this book four red roses. PS

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