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Friday, 7 September 2007

Cutters Law

Judith Rochelle/Cutters Law/Wild Rose Press/ebook/237 pgs

Morgan Cutter is the chief of police in a small town. Allison Moore is from the city, so Morgan figures she wouldn’t be interested in him. Besides, he knows from bitter experience that most women are poison. How come Allison’s hazel eyes have such a devastating effect on him? But with a dead stranger in town, Morgan has more on his mind than mind-blowing sex – at least for a while. Not too long I am glad to say, because no one does it better than Judith Rochelle. Passion oozes from every page and the descriptions in this book are gripping.

Judith Rochelle is fast becoming one of my favourite authors. A bouquet of red roses is what this book and its author deserves! Anne

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