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Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Bride Of The Solway

ISBN 978-0-263-85188-5


Captain Ross Graham has a broken heart or so he believes, the woman he loves, loves another.
Captain Graham has long been intending to visit Scotland to enquire after his distant relatives so with a broken heart to nurse he decides now is the time to go.
Cassandra Elliot, a virtual prisoner of her brutal half-brother is in despair, threatened with imprisonment in Bedlam, as her Mother had been, unless she does as her brother wishes. He is a drunkard and a womaniser, just as his father was before him, he has gambled his fortune away and now needs money desperately. He has decided to sell his half sister to the highest bidder. She is desperate to escape and makes an attempt while he is away at the whore house, her servant and friend Morag helps her make the attempt although she knows it would go badly for her if the Laird was to find out.
Cassandra flees on her horse Lucifer into the night she must get away before James returns. The night was stormy and black but Cassandra presses on she is cold and wet, then a sudden clap of thunder and lightening spooks Lucifer and he bolts with her, she was holding on tightly to the reigns but slips and her foot catches in the stirrup, horse and rider are heading straight for the Solway, where they must surely drown. Captain Ross urges his Mare Hera on he must catch the bolting horse or it will be a terrible tragedy, how could the woman survive such an ordeal?
The Captain wrapped Cassandra in his coat she was wet and trembling, her words making no sense. When she recovers sufficiently she tells Captain Ross of her plight, he can hardly believe such a tale, is she mad or delirious. Captain Ross is soon to learn that James the Laird of Galloway is ruthless man and will crush all who try to stand in his way.
This is just the beginning of the troubles and adventures, which he is to become involved in to help Cassandra Elliott escape from her tyrannical brother. Will this story have a happy ending, will Captain Ross recover from his broken heart, will Cassandra ever be free to have a life of her own? Read this exciting book and unravel the story of Captain Ross’s late family and the fate of Cassandra Elliott.
I award this book 4 Roses. AS

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