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Tuesday, 11 September 2007

A Compromised Lady

A Compromised Lady by Elizabeth Rolls

Harlequin Historicals

September 2007

ISBN: 9780373294640

5 Stars

Elizabeth Rolls is one of the stars of Regency romance and she’s back with an eagerly awaited new novel which her fans will lap up in a single sitting – A Compromised Lady.

As a young girl Miss Dorothea Winslow was a mischievous imp bubbling with happiness, but for the past few years she’s been a shadow of her former self living a quiet life away from the temptations and glittering ballrooms of London. But her father is determined that his daughter, a rich heiress, will find a suitable husband and he orders her to come to London to begin her search. But in London Thea meets a man from her past who could hold the key to her locked heart.

Richard Blakehurst was a former acquaintance of Thea and he’s struck by how reserved she now is. Richard assumes that the reasons she’s so is because of a past tragedy in her life, but Thea, who has found herself attracted to Richard, realizes that all her money will not buy her Richard’s good opinion – or his heart.

You simply cannot beat Elizabeth Rolls! Her characters are exquisite, her dialogue superb and her storytelling prowess just astounding. I always look forward to reading the novels of Ms. Rolls for she is a writer readers can count on to deliver a historical romance that is simply enthralling!
JB Five red roses

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