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Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Arm charm

Arm Charm by Doreen Lewis

Triskelion Publishing

140 Pages


Arm Charm by Doreen Lewis is a fantastic story that kept me engrossed from the very first page till the very last. In this novel, Doreen Lewis ventures into a territory usually ignored by many romance writers: what happens after the happy ever after.

Rena Sutherland thought that her marriage was a solid one. She had been with her husband for decades and she would have bet money on the fact that she and James would grow old together. But Rena is in for a shock when her beloved husband confesses that he’s been sleeping with his assistant.

For the first time in 30+ years, Rena finds herself on her own having to find ways by which she can support herself as she faces the world as a single woman. As Rena begins to gain strength from her independence and begins to realize that maybe being single is not such a bad thing to be, her husband James begins to see his former wife in a whole new light and begins thinking about getting her back…

But he’s going to have some tough competition from Eddy Alexander, a poet and potter, who seems equally determined to sweep Rena off her feet.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Ms. Lewis’ book and do hope that she writes another book soon. Arm Charm is a charming tale of hope and second chances that had me glued to my computer screen.

Moving, romantic and engrossing, this is a tale women everywhere will relate to!

JB five red roses
This publisher is actually no longer in business and the book is not for sale at the moment but we hope it will be one day. The author deserves priase for her book. Please look out for other work by this author. Anne

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doreenmary said...

Someone let me know you'd posted a review of my latest book at this blog. I just want to thank you very much for reading my story and for enjoying it!

Doreen Lewis
Author of Arm Charm