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Monday, 3 September 2007

Bodine's Bountry

Bodine’s Bounty by Charlene Sands/Harelquin/ISBN 978-0373294725/304pgs

It’s mid October 1882 in River Junction Northern California. The air is cold and crisp as winter nears. Bodine the bounty hunter is leaning against the livery stable wall keeping close watch on the saloon across the street.

Tall and rugged he makes a tempting target for any would be gunman. That possibility never entered his mind. He is focused on what’s going on in the saloon. Bodine is on the hunt. Tracking a killer named Metcalf. This is personal to him. This killer gunned down his twin brother and put a bullet in his shoulder of which he is painfully reminded on cold days like this. So far he hasn’t had much luck finding Metcalf.

His immediate concern is Emma Marie Rourke, the granddaughter of his old commanding officer during the war. Young and feisty she has abandoned her fiancé in search of a career in stage singing and if fate willing meet her father for the first time.

Emma has a hard time convincing people to give her a chance to sing. Being small in stature and slim no one thinks she can sing. Finally deciding the best way to convince people is to give them a sample of her voice when trying to get the job, she stuns everyone who hears her for the first time. From such a small person comes the most amazing voice.

Not in either of their plans is falling in love. Fighting their attraction becomes harder and harder the more time they are together. Bodine fights the attraction the hardest because of his obligations and promise to his dying brother.

Bodine has his hands full with trying to keep Emma safe. He is constantly rescuing Emma from one disaster after another. From rescuing her from angry saloon owners to Indians he is constantly kept on his toes.

Bodine is trying to get Emma to go home and give up her search for her father while he is searching for Metcalf.

Just as Emma realizes her dreams of finding her father and singing on a stage, Bodine gets the break he as been searching for in his quest for justice. He finds Metcalf but it comes at a price he hadn’t counted on.

This is an excellent western. It has all the elements in westerns it keeps you on a roller coaster as you are drawn into the story you feel all of Emma’s happiness and pain. This is one to definitely read if you like westerns. This is a keeper.

I give this one 5 red roses. Larena
Bodine's bounty is published November 2007

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