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Friday, 14 September 2007

Last Chance My Love

Lynne Connolly/Last Chance My Love/Samhain Publishing/ebook/270pages

Miranda, Lady Rosington is shocked when she sees her husband with a notorious courtesan. Her marriage has been failing since the birth of her last child, when she almost died and her doctor informed her husband that another child would kill her. When her brother-in-law Orlando Blythe sees how distressed she is the family put their heads together and come up with a plan to force Daniel and Miranda to sort their lives out. Daniel is tricked into a wager that takes them to a country inn, posing as landlord and wife.

This intricate plot explores the way the pair rediscovers each other and fined ways of overcoming the restrictions Miranda's delicate health impose on their love life. Will the plot succeed and will they ultimately find true happiness?

Once again Lynne Connolly weaves her magic to good effect. This book will keep you glued to the page to the very end. I give this book a bouquet of red roses! Anne

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