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Tuesday, 26 February 2008

My Dearest Friend

My Dearest Friend by Hazel Statham/Wings epress/276 pages

This book is set during Regency times.

Robert and Jane aren't looking for love but find it anyway. Jane is desperate and having a difficult time finding a ship that will take her to Portugal. She needs to get there as quickly as possible to have a chance to save her brother who has been wounded fighting for England against France. Thinking to ask Robert, the Duke of Lear to use his influence to help her locate a ship she goes to visit him. Robert goes further and offers his ship to her to assure her safe passage.

Robert is trying to deal with his brother�s death and the guilt he feels after buying his brother a commission. Robert feels Jane is giving him a second chance to save someone since he was unable to do the same for his brother. Robert takes it upon himself to escort Jane to Portugal and beyond to her brother so she will make it there safely and unharmed.

Will they be able to make it in time to save Jane�s brother? What will the journey bring for them along the way? What starts out as two strangers working together to save someone turns into a friendship that neither one expected. Perhaps most surprising of all is that the friendship leads to even more than either of them dreamed of finding. To hold on to all that Robert and Jane have found they are going to have to overcome some sizable obstacles.

This story is full of ups and downs. I enjoyed the story and was glad I had the opportunity to read it. If you enjoy historical books this is one to read.

I give this one 4 red roses LW

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