Christmas Awards 2011

Monday, 25 February 2008

Marie Rochelle/Cover Model/Red Rose Publishing/ebook/230 pages

Kissa is a romance author with writer's block. She had recently moved into a lovely new home but something is missing in her life. Her agent, Africa, s concerned because she senses something is wrong. Africa thinks Kissa is alone too much and wants her to get out more. She suggests that Kissa should pick out the model for her next novel

Forbes Huntingdon is persuaded to go for the job but he isn't truly a model. It is just a cover for an important assignment. Forbes is late getting to the model call and arrives after Kissa has sent away twelve candidates who were not right. His five o'clock shadow, sensual mouth and compelling eyes make her go weak at the knees. He would be perfect but surely a man like this isn't looking for a job as a model? Kissa is right. Forbes hates the idea but he needs to get close to her to dig out the information he needs on a member of her family

Right from the start it is clear that there will be fireworks between them, but how can anything good come from a relationship based on a lie? What will Kissa do when she discovers he is FBI – and is this going to bring her into danger?

If you want to find out you should buy this book. It sizzles and pops. Sensual and gripping, you are going to love it! A bouquet of red roses for this author! Morna

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