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Friday, 1 February 2008

Judgement By Fire

Judgement By Fire
Lydia Grace
Red Rose Publishing
Ebook/318 pages

If there was one man Jon Rush trusted, it was Warren Dillon. Jon didn't want to face the fact that his company was in trouble until Warren made him see that the problem must be internal. How else could his plans for the West River Project have become public knowledge before he had made his final decision?

A world away from the high finances of Rush co., Lauren was getting down to work after a successful exhibition of her work as an artist when the story breaks. If this story about the new development is true, it could turn her life and that of others upside down. They were going to tear down the Harvard Castle Center for Canadian Arts and destroy beautiful woods. Obviously, they have to be stopped.

At a meeting to rouse the local feeling against Rush Co., Lauren sees a tall handsome with blond hair and has a sense of being drawn to him. As yet she has no idea that he is Jon Rush – when she finds out the sparks begin to fly! When Lauren's cottage is trashed she suspects it may have been on Jon's orders – but Lauren has an enemy. Danger to life and limb will sweep both her and Jon into the fire, but can they overcome all the odds to find happiness? Unravel the mystery yourself by buying this book!

This is a thrilling story, romantic, tender and satisfying. This author has an individual style and the power to please. Five red rose. Morna

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