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Sunday, 17 February 2008

The King's Daughter

MC Halliday
Samhain Publishing Ltd.
Ebook/206 pages.

King Bascogne is to give his daughter Magaith to Borda of Connacht in marriage to keep his clan safe but it grieves him sorely. Magaith is sad to part from her father and the knight Sygtryg for whom she has great affection. For her the future is fearful. She has good reason to be afraid for there are those at Borda's court who wish her dead. However, the wise woman Imagael has seen her death foretold and is determined to prevent it.

Before Magaith can drink from the poisoned cup, she warns her and takes her away. Borda is determined to recover his wife, but he trusts Magaith's deadly enemies. Magaith and Imagael go to meet the wizard who tells Magaith that only she can stop the harm that now befalls her people, but she must first know her own heart. Can she learn the truth of her desires and is she brave enough to do what must be done?

This is a tale of love and wizards, of magic spells and wicked plots. Sensual and fun, this is a must for all those who love tales of a long forgotten world where magic held sway and bravery was all. Five red roses, Linda


Savannah Chase said...

huge congrats on the great review MC, this is a great book

Caffey said...

Hi MC!! Beautiful review!!! I so love historicals and this one sounds so captivating and a rich tale too!! Again, congrats!