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Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Featured Author

One of Raven's Best Sellers!

Raven's latest book! Going Home Again!

My featured author this week is Raven Star. She currently has two books in the Red Rose Publishing Best Seller List and with her third now out I dare say it will soon be three. We reviewed her books here and she has a lovely style all her own, which makes you want to read her again.

Excerpt from Raven's latest book!

What would you do for an unexpected phone call?

Meet Raine Matthews an ordinary fantasy writer with an overactive sexual imagination. In her office with her head constantly stuck in the clouds Raine comes up with the most tantalizing and teasing stories but its only in her writing does she ever receive sweet release. Orphaned at a young she bounced around from family member to foster home until she was old enough to take on the world on her own.

After writing a story about returning to her home state of Tennessee did something miraculous happen. She got a phone call.

Could the story she wrote come true?

What twists and turns await Raine, when she finally decides to try her luck at Going Home Again.

Raven has an author day at our group this coming Friday. Join the group and meet her!

Buy her book at


Lover of Books said...

That is so cool and I love your covers! Great job! :) Going Home Again sounds so good. :)

Savannah Chase said...

Love the covers and what a great author

Kelley Nyrae said...

Great covers and great books too! Raven is a wonderful author on the rise.