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Wednesday, 20 February 2008

The Contrary Corinthian

Emily Johnson/The Contrary Corinthian/Robert Hale Publishers Ltd. ISBnN978-0-7090-8410-5/hardback/ £18.99/ 223 pages

Phoebe has come to stay with Lady Latham for the season. She is the legal guardian of twins, Anthony and Dorothy, and loves them dearly. However, they bear a distinct resemblance to Lord Latham and to herself and the town is awash with gossip. People seem to imagine that they are his by-blows, which makes Valentine Latham indignant. When he sees the beautiful girl he is more angry than intrigued at first, and makes it is business to discover the identity of the children's parents. It is all quite innocent and above board, but for some reason Val is determined to dislike Phoebe and to take the children from her if he can. Fortunately for Phoebe his aunt and a particular friend can see what Val cannot and with a little help he is eventually guided down the path of true love.

This is a well-crafted and compelling Regency romp. A very enjoyable read and sure to be a winner with lovers of Regency romance. Five red rose, Linda

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