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Thursday, 28 February 2008

Look For The Silver Lining

Look for the Silver Lining by June Francis

Allison and Busby

November 2007




June Francis’ warm hearted Liverpool sagas have made her one of the genre’s best-loved writers. Wonderfully written, evocative and moving, saga readers just cannot get enough of her books!

In her latest novel, Look for the Silver Lining, when Nellie Lachlan defies her family and marries a Protestant man, she finds herself being cast out of her home and told never to darken their doorstep ever again. Although she is upset and hurt, Nellie vows that she will not let her family get her down, so whilst her beloved husband Teddy is off fighting, she finds a job and awaits Teddy’s return.

But the foundations of Nellie’s life are shaken to their very core, for when she gets a letter telling her that her mother’s died, Nellie finds herself having to take care of her two sisters, Babs and Lottie. Nellie leaves her new life behind and returns to her old one. But life for her doesn’t get any easier, for she soon receives another letter telling her that Teddy died fighting.

Will Nellie pick herself up and start over? Or will she keep on floundering in a world torn apart by cruelty?

June Francis is one of my absolute favourites! Her stories are dramatic, intense and poignant, but also heartwarming and tender. If you haven’t discovered the magic of June Francis, then rush to the book shop and get ready to lose yourself in her wonderful historical sagas! five red roses. JB

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