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Friday, 6 November 2009

Seducing Sir Gwain

Seducing Sir Gwain by Shari Dare

Red Rose Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-60435-955-8


Pages: 184

Modern Day & 1470 Scotland

Denise and her friend have fun on the Ouija board but they never have really taken it seriously. Denise finds it a fun way to pass the time now that her husband of almost 40 years is gone. But this time something very strange happens. Instead of the usual women that usually give general answers a man tells them that his name is Gwain and that he was Denise’s lover in a past life. That is just strange enough for the friends to stop playing.

Denise is having a great erotic dream and really doesn’t want to wake up to her ordinary life. When Denise finally gets up she gets the shock of her life. Instead of being in the modern day she seems to have traveled to the past. Only now she is no longer the same person in the same body. She is a young woman again by the name Davida in 1470 Scotland. At least she has all the knowledge she has gained over her lifetime. Denise sees this as a chance to have a second chance at life even if it is in a different century. Now she just has to figure out who she is supposed to be and what she is doing in the past.

Denise is thinking that all the creature comforts she so enjoyed in her time may not be able to compare to what she has found in the past. She is getting a second chance at youth and a chance to live a more exciting and fulfilling life than she ever thought would be possible. Now if she can just figure out a way to hang on to Gwain her life will be perfect. All the dreams from her youth are coming true in the past.

This is a fascinating time travel book. I love how you get transported to the past with Denise and get to see history come to life. It is a wonderful mix of the past and the present and was a wonderful story from start to finish. I think even those that are not really into time travel stories will greatly enjoy this tale.

I give this one 4 red roses.

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