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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Ice Angel





ISBN 978-0-7090-8784-7.

Married at a very young age to a man chosen by her father, because he knew he was dying, Lady Isabella Vane has a very dark secret. Her marriage to Lord Vane was very unhappy and at times intolerable; the only good thing coming from her marriage was her young son Dominic. In the latter part of her marriage her widowed Aunt Harriet had been living with her and together they had managed to shield Dominic from the horrors that had occurred in their home.

When Isabella is widowed she is desperate because there will be no money left when the estate is sold, as her husband had many gambling depts. But luckily she finds that a great Uncle has left her a large old house and also enough money to keep them all in, if not luxury, very comfortable for the rest of their lives and will provide for Dominic’s education. Because the house which she has inherited is very run down, her Aunt suggests that they rent a house in London until the repairs are done. Isabella only agrees because she realizes that her Aunt has herself missed the parties and life in the city since going to live with her and Dominic.

Isabella has no intention of entertaining in London and does not wish to socialize she has a very tight reserve and shows little interest in worldly entertainments, thus earning herself the name of Ice Angel. Isabella does not realize what a stir her ethereal beauty and reserve are causing in polite society.

One gentleman who is extremely taken with her is the Earl of Bramwell, he sees great beauty and great sadness in her eyes and determines to find out the reason for the sadness.

Do read the story and find out if Isabella can overcome her fears and find happiness again. She has much to overcome before the tale is told her road is not an easy one to travel and she has several setbacks before it is over.

I really enjoyed this book and it is a good read for lovers of this Genre; I give this book 5 Red Roses and look forward to the next one from Elizabeth Hanbury

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