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Monday, 30 November 2009

Across The Sands Of time

Across the Sands of Time
By Pamela Kavanagh
hardback £18.99
Published by Robert Hale on 30th September 2009
ISBN: 978-0-7090-8863-9

Thea Partington is more than happy with her lot. She has just got engaged to Geoff Sanders, loves her job as a school teacher and enjoys success with her beloved show ponies. Life couldn’t be more perfect, but then it is all turned upside down when Irish vet, Dominic Shane joins the local veterinary practice. Whether they know it or not, Thea and Dominic are attracted to each other at their first meeting, but Thea continues on the path already laid out for her. At her mother’s suggestion, Thea and Geoff decide to make a property on the edge of Partington land their future home. Thea begins to renovate The Harbour House, but whenever she is there, visions of its history and the life of Polly Dakin take over her mind. It is not long before Polly and her family begin to haunt Thea’s dreams and she becomes pre-occupied with The Harbour House’s past. Unfortunately, Thea’s relationship with Geoff begins to suffer because of her interest in The Harbour House and her friendship with Dominic Shane and, much to Geoff’s amazement, Thea ends the engagement when she sees Geoff lunching with her sister, Bryony, at their special place. Following the break-up, Thea and Dominic’s relationship begins to develop, but mystery surrounds the reasons why he left Ireland and a seemingly dream job as a resident vet at Ferlann Ridge Bloodstock Sales. Then, just as Thea feels she is ready to commit to Dominic, he returns to Ireland, promising to keep in touch. Is this the end of Thea and Dominic’s relationship, before it has even begun or is their attraction strong enough to overcome the obstacles that are now about to be thrown in its way?

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and the diversions throughout from Thea’s life to Polly’s life, which despite the number of years between them, are very similar in that they are both separated from their true loves because of circumstances beyond their control.

A very good read, for which I award five red roses.

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