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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Camilla's Conscience





Widowed barely two years before Lady Camilla Summerton is about to come back into contact, with the man she claims to hate most in the world, or does she?

Lady Camilla was already betrothed to Lord Harry Summerton when she met Dominic, The Earl of Ennismount. The attraction was immediate for both of them, but Lady Camilla would not go back on her word to Harry. Their marriage was considered a success and they were happy for some time, but Harry had changed and was no longer loving and kind.

Dominic was a friend to them both and as such was often at their home Summerton Park and although Camilla was still attracted to him she kept her marriage vows.

Dominic knows how much Harry has changed and is very worried for Camilla. When he follows Harry one day and sees him meet another woman he determines to try to win Camilla’s heart. When the three of them are at a picnic and Harry falls asleep on the grass, he tries to seduce Camilla and she almost gives way but her husband calls her name and she is shocked at how nearly she has betrayed Harry.

The next day Harry is killed when his horse throws him and she blames Dominic for the accident, as they had quarreled.

Camilla tells Dominic she hates him and never wishes to see him again and for two years has stayed at her home feeling guilty and grieving for Harry .Now she is once again in London and knows she must sometime meet Dominic again but dreads the meeting as she can never forgive him.

At a ball in Carlton House in March 1814 Camilla decides she must escape the dreadful crush for a few moments and she hurries to a little music room nearby, but before she enters she hears giggling from inside so she doesn’t open the door. As she is standing by the door an old friend Lady Elizabeth Oxforth sees her and rushes up to talk with her. Later, when Lady Elizabeth leaves, Camilla enters the room to find only one very young Lady inside whom she does not know but she realizes that there is someone else there too, in hiding. She is unaware how significant this meeting is to become and how it will change her whole life. There is much unhappiness and intrigue to follow in the story. Will it bring her eventually the true happiness and the love she has always been denied........ Read this great story and find out..... you will enjoy it I am sure. I award this Regency Romance 5 Red Roses.

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