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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

An Interview with Debra Kayn

Tell us a little about yourself

Thanks for having me here! I’m Debra Kayn. I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest where I am patiently waiting for the rainy season to end and the snow season to start!

What do you write?

I write contemporary romance with a happily ever after.

Why do you write?

Well, my characters take me hostage and don’t give me a choice…I must write! Lol Good question! I’ve always had an overactive imagination. I was the typical kid who stared out the classroom window lost in an imaginary world where I flew through the clouds and fought little green men for the princess crown. Early on, teachers and parents encouraged me to stop talking and write that stuff down.

What are you writing now?

I’ve wrote the first page to the 3rd book of The Chromes and Wheels Gang. This time Crowbar is begging for his own story. I’m really excited to get deeper into the story and revisit old characters from book 1 and 2.

What kind of clothes do you like to wear?

What I like and what I get to wear are two very different things! I live on a farm. insert lengthy pause Jeans, boots, and hoodies are the norm. I do love to escape the farmwear though, and slip into sweaters and slinky scarves, nicer jeans, and dressier boots. Lol I didn’t fool anyone did I? I’m a jeans and boots kind of gal. ;-)

Are you in love? Have you ever been?

I am! I got married to the first guy I fell in love with out of highschool and we have been married 20 ½ years and I love him more every day. In fact, I once had a story rejected from a publisher for the fact that the heroine was young, fell hard and fast, got married, and lived happily ever after. (well, there was a lot of conflict between all the steps) The publisher said it was unbelievable. I had a good laugh over that because it almost paralleled my own life, except for more drama.

Do you have a dream lover – and what does he or she look like?

Sam Elliot…enough said, right?

What kind of comfort food do you like best?

Throw me a bag of potato chips during stressful times, and it makes everything better!

What makes you laugh? Cry?

Everything! I’m a mother. Something happens after you have kids. I think it is from lack of sleep, it makes all emotions hyper sensitive. You find yourself laughing at odd moments and crying over Hallmark commercials.

What do you do to amuse yourself when not working?

I love riding motorcycles, playing tennis, going fishing to name a few. We live in the coastal mountains and have a beautiful creek on our property that is lovely in the summer to cool off in, go fishing, and just relax beside. I’m an outdoors person, so if I am not typing away on a story…you’ll find me outside.

What is it in a man or woman that turns you on? The clean version please!

A confident man. I like my man to have a strong personality, but one that can laugh late at night over silly jokes, and sigh over a newborn baby.

What do you hate about life?

Death. I hate that some people are taken away from us too soon.

What do you hope to achieve in life and when will you know that you have been a success?

I hope to achieve the happiest life possible. Everyone has ups and downs, struggles, and hardships. We have to go through all that to find our way through life. It is how it is set up to be, but I hope when I am very old, I can sit out on the porch in my rocker with my husband holding hands and waiting for the kids, grandkids, and great grandkids to show up for Sunday dinner. That moment when we watch each member show up at our house I will know that my life has been successful.

What are you going to write next?

The 3rd book of The Chromes and Wheels Gang. My readers will be very happy to know that this book centers around Crowbar, the biggest, baddest, most stubborn rider who just happens to have a soft spot for a certain someone.

Biker Babe in Black (Book One of The Chromes and Wheels Gang)


Even on her motorcycle, Margarine Butter, can’t outrun the bad luck that continues to follow her around. Fired from her second job in less than a week all because of some man, she’s got two options. Hit the rode on her Motorcycle and find another job, or call it quits and go back to The Chromes and Wheels Gang. At the rate she’s going, she’ll never achieve her dream of buying a home where she can plant some roots.
Business Tycoon, Remy Montgomery, can’t believe the waitress refused his offer and rode off on a Harley Davidson without a second thought. Determined to buy enough time to get to know the babe on the bike, he tracks her down and offers her a job she can’t refuse.
Is Margarine’s luck changing or is she making a horrible mistake?
"Excuse me, Ms.?"
She screamed and fumbled for her purse strap. Strap in hand, she swung her arm in a wide circle and aimed at the voice in the shadows. Oh, God. Stand back or I’ll smack you with my leather-studded bag.
"Whoa, lady, it's me…Remy."
A dark outline of a very big person stood in the shadows between two parked cars. She continued to swing her purse. She didn't know anyone named Remy, and in the dark, she aimed to disable anyone who came close enough to hurt her.
"I'm the man who got you fired." The man stepped closer. "I didn't mean to scare you."
Palms in the air, he ambled out of the shadows and into the light. Her arm fell to her side. The buckle of her purse slammed into her knee. That’s going to leave a bruise.
"What are you doing? You scared me half to death." She bent over and rubbed her knee without taking her gaze off him.
"I wanted to apologize and offer to find you another job." Remy removed his billfold from inside his suit coat and fingered the bills.
She stood back up, her pained knee forgotten, and wrinkled her nose. No way! Where the hell did he get that idea? Do I resemble a whore to you?
He held out his hand. A fist full of paper money dangled between the man and Margie. She snorted and stepped around him, disappointed the best-looking man she'd ever met joined the ranks of just another jerk on the road of life.
Margie marched over to the light post and extracted a set from her purse. She unlocked the saddlebag of her motorbike, removed her helmet, and threw her purse in the side compartment.
Bending at the waist, she gathered her hair in a messy bun atop her head and slipped on her helmet. Remy, or whatever he called himself, didn't have a clue. She'd rather purchase an oversized-gas-guzzling-ozone-killing machine than sell her body to the highest bidder.
Without a second glance back to check if he still stood in the parking lot, she hiked her skirt up to her thighs and straddled the leather seat. Behind the face shield, a smile came to her lips at the touch of the smooth, familiar shape between her legs. She revved the motorcycle to life and left the man and his ego in the dust.
The handful of crisp one-hundred-dollar bills slipped out of Remy's hand onto the asphalt of the parking lot. His mouth hung open, and he blinked.
"I'll be damned."
The waitress rode a Harley Davidson.

Ride Free (Book Two of The Chromes and Wheels Gang) Coming Soon

STORY BLURB: Sarah always dreamed of joining a motorcycle gang and hitting the open roads. First to escape a troubled childhood full of poverty and alcoholism, and later, the desire to live a gypsy lifestyle and feel the wind in her hair. Her life all changed the morning a biker stopped in the middle of the road and asked if she wanted a ride.
Reefer had two rules. Don’t mess around with women who didn’t grow up riding the road and his biker family always came first. Nothing prepared him for the woman who hopped onto the back of his Harley with the ease of a born rider, or how she peeled back the layers of his sealed heart.
Two people running from a world full of hurt. Will they escape to find happiness or will they have to revisit the past?


He shook his head in denial. "Sarah—"
"No, don’t say it." She placed her finger on his lips. "Remember, I told you I expect nothing from you. These are my thoughts, the dreams I am made from." She tapped her chest with the palm of her hand. "I know this ends tonight, but I want this moment to last me a lifetime."
"I don’t get involved with someone not from the biker lifestyle, at least not seriously. I’m sorry." Now that he’d spoken the words, a sense of guilt hit him.
"I figured. I actually know quite a lot about bikers." She grinned. "Plus, if you shirked your beliefs, I’d think less of you." She stole a quick kiss. "You, Reefer, are the real deal."
"You don’t deserve someone that can’t give you everything." He let his chin fall to his chest. "You have no idea how much I want you. I’d love to take everything you hand me, but I can’t."
"I know. I have no other way to convince you I speak the truth. You won’t hurt me." She lifted his head. "Nothing you do will ever hurt me."
He searched her eyes. She humbled him.
Ever gentle, he pulled her to him and claimed her mouth. He wanted to kiss her slow, long, and remember every detail. The way her bottom lip was fuller than the upper. Perfect to nibble on.
Her tongue came out to taste him. He slowed, and she controlled the moves. The tip of her soft, velvet, tongue teased and played with his in a classic game…tag, you’re it.
Consumed with how her mouth tantalized him, he forgot all about his hands. He found them under her arms on the side of her breasts. His thumbs strummed the sensitive nipples. Senses in overload, he pressured her for more, and she gave him one hundred percent.
He lifted her up and set her down against him, belly to belly, his arms pressing her tight against him. He broke away from her mouth and, with his hand on the back of her head, tucked her into his arms and held her. Someone needed to stop the insanity, but he wasn’t willing to let her go quite yet.
His hand stroked her back. Her heart hammered against his chest, matching his beat for beat. Her body much smaller than his, she possessed strength far greater. Her trust in him was touchable, and for the first time in his life he damned the inability to open up.
"I wish…" He sighed.
"Don’t spend your life regretting what you can’t do." She lifted her head, smiled at him through the liquid pooling on her bottom eyelids. "Let’s not say a word. When you’re ready, you can take me back to my car, kiss me, and without uttering a word, ride away on the wind."
He swallowed.
"No regrets, but a memory to last a lifetime." She brushed the corner of her eye with a finger.
He ran both hands over his face, cleared his throat. "Let’s go for that ride."
Sarah untangled her legs from around him and swung them over the side of the bike, but Reefer pulled her against his front before she hopped off. She straddled the bike with her back pressed against him. "I believe you wanted to drive."
"Seriously? But, my feet don’t touch the ground." She stretched her legs out.
"Put them on top of my feet; mind your legs don’t hug the engine. It gets pretty hot." He waited for her to get her feet comfortable. "You’ll feel my left foot move on the ride, so pay attention."
She nodded.
"On the left handlebar is the clutch. I’ll help you squeeze when it’s time and my foot will go down. You’ll have to steer, and remember to lean into the curves." He nuzzled her neck. "Are you ready?"
He guessed she smiled by the excitement in her voice.
"Ok, push that button." He pointed.
The engine roared to life.
"Good girl," he yelled over the noise. "You turn the right handle grip towards you to make the bike go. You’ll need to baby it to keep control of the motorcycle."
He covered her hand with his, and with the bike in neutral let her rev the throttle. Her ass wiggled between his legs.
With the clutch in, he kicked into first gear and placed his mouth in the groove of her neck beneath her ear.
"Alright kitten, let’s make this baby purr."


Pat McDermott said...

Love the excerpt! Thanks for letting us get to know Debra better. Such an interesting author! Can't wait to read her Biker Babe books. Looks like a great series in the making.

Debra Kayn said...

Thanks Pat! I had a great time answering the questions. I think you'll really like the Biker Babe book (and the next ones, lol)So far, Biker Babe is getting top reviews. I'm excited and thrilled with that.