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Monday, 16 November 2009

The Perfect Match

The Perfect Match
Raven Starr
Red Rose Publishing
138 pages

Kiora, often known as Key to her friends works for Mr Ross in an old-fashioned book store. She is a shy girl, lonely at times, though she has good friends, and she does not have a boyfriend until she meets Donovan. Donovan is the kind of guy who thinks all girls the same until he gets knocked off his feet by a special girl.

He makes a bet with his friend Kevin that he can get Kiora to sleep with him, and when Kevin tells Kiora in a fit of spite she tells him their friendship is over. Donovan has fallen in love with her and he fights with Kevin but is knocked unconscious. His brother Demitri intervenes and begs her to visit his brother at the hospital. Donovan responds to Key’s entreaties to recover and things look good but there is a big surprise in store for all of them.

This is a delightful love story written by an ever popular author. If you need cheering up, this is the book to go out and buy. I enjoyed it and the surprise ending was lovely. The book is part of the excellent calendar series. 4.5 stars. Morna

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