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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Wolf's Revenge and The Stray

The Princess and the Wolf By Linda Sole comes out with Red Rose Publishing next month.

These books are being sold to help a charity set up for a wolf sanctuary. They are short stories so I am putting the two together reviews together.
Wolf's Revenge by Aline de Chevigny/Red Rose Publishing. first Howl

Yvee returns to the man she loves, knowing that he is also a wolf. She did not think she could live with the knowledge but she cannot live without him either and she needs help. She is being pursued by Dekland, who is determined to have her as his mate. What Cain has to decide is whether this other wolf/man is the renegade he has been hunting and what he will do about it.

This is a lovely story and very enjoyable.

The Stray by Cassandra Gold. Red Rose Publishing. Second Howl
J owes Cash money and he can't pay but Cash won't wait. Stumbling away after being victimised, J is lonely and miserable but things get worse when he bumps into a man with long hair and blood stains on his clothes.

Hunter was fleeing from the enemy, his mind confused when he bumped into a young man. Hunter is a wolf/man who has escaped after being captured and used for experiments to discover what he is exactly. Can he make friends with a man who has helped him? Or will his secret prevent that yet again?

This is a different kind of story to the first but also enjoyable and touching.

This series will consist of many types of story about werewolves and there should be at least one for everyone. The Princess and the Wolf is described as a fairy story for grownups. This is a good cause and we hope it will be well supported.

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