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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Impoverished Miss

Impoverished Miss, Convenient Wife by Michelle Styles
Mills and Boon
Historical Romance
April 2009
300 Pages
ISBN: 9780263867749

Michelle Styles has written a fabulous Regency romance set in the North-East
that is heading straight for my keeper shelf. Highly emotional, immensely
compelling and beautifully written, Impoverished Miss, Convenient Wife is
simply another must-read by this wonderful writer.

A tragic accident had turned wealthy landowner Simon Benedict into a bitter
recluse. But Simon's scars are the last things on his mind. His son, Robert,
is ill and none of the servants, governesses or doctors he's employed seem
able to do anything for him. The only person who can help Robert is his Aunt
Diana. But Diana is pregnant and cannot make it to Northumberland from
London, so she sends her husband's cousin, Phoebe Benedict, instead.

Phoebe Benedict had been one of the Ton's most notorious beauties, but her
father's death had forced her to turn her back on the ton and focus all of
her time and energies into taking care of her family. Unfortunately for
Phoebe, her family treat her no better than an unpaid servant. But Phoebe
must bear their indifference for she has never forgiven herself for an event
which happened in the past which is still haunting her.

Phoebe wants to get her brother into the army and she knows that her cousin
is a many with many connections who could open lots of doors for her
brother. Deciding that the best way to impress her cousin is to step into
the breach for his wife, Phoebe decides to help Simon Benedict take care of
his son. But little does Phoebe know that Simon will awaken long-buried
feelings deep within her. Feelings which she won't be able to ignore.

But can there ever be a future for them when they are still haunted by
ghosts of the past?

Impoverished Miss, Convenient Wife is simply fantastic! You will adore
Michelle Styles' powerful romantic story of redemption, hope, sacrifice and
love. 4.5 red roses JB

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