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Tuesday, 21 April 2009

River's Reach

River's Reach by Christina Green
Robert Hale Publishers
Historical Romance
July 2008
224 Pages
ISBN: 978-0709085959

I very much enjoyed reading this excellent Victorian saga by Christina
Green. Exquisitely-told, highly moving and powerfully written, River's Reach
is a terrific romantic tale.

Rose Victoria Adams vows not to be like her parents, scrimping and saving
and living in a hovel. She wants more from life and has applied herself to
able to become a teacher at her local school. But Rose Victoria wants more.
She wants to be elevated to the upper echelons of society and not to be seen
by the people she knows an upstart with ideas above her station.
When artist Lawrence Vane comes to live in the village, he is immediately
drawn to Rose. An attractive red-head with a beautiful figure and a
delectable smile, Lawrence is determined to paint Rose's picture and to make
her his. And when his sister, Elizabeth, asks her whether she'd like to be
her companion, Lawrence is delighted because he thinks that he can finally
achieve his aim. However, Lawrence hasn't counted on Thomas Vane, the new
school master, who has managed to get under Rose's skin.

Thomas is taciturn, impervious to Rose's ideas and absolutely infuriating,
but Rose still cannot stop thinking about him - nor can she stop wishing to
become his wife!

River's Reach is a wonderful historical romance that I couldn't stop
reading. Christina Green imbues her tale with plenty of warmth and emotion,
and once readers begin reading this book, they will soon find themselves
unable to put it down! 4.5 red roses JB

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